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Welcome to West by North Enterprises

We specialize in sales of low-drag fixed and feathering blade propellers for sailing craft of all sizes.

Please note that our phone number has changed, you may now reach us at (778) 802-4202.
Thanks, and smooth sailing!

Campbell Sailer The Campbell Sailer propeller is designed and manufactured to be one of the most efficient fixed blade sailboat propellers on the market today. Unique and innovative, it has been granted a Canadian patent.

After nearly thirty years of production and refinement, the Campbell Sailer has proven, against other leading fixed blade designs, to be a superior choice for sailboat owners.

Autostream The Autostream line of shaft and sail drive feathering propellers provides the ultimate in low drag performance under sail, and high performance under power. Manufactured of quality stainless steel, the service life is a high performance story in and of itself.
Slipstream The Slipstream was designed using many years of collective experience to achieve three main goals:
• Outperform competing brands
• Provide a long service life, while being user serviceable
• Develop an enhanced product at a competitive price
Hydralign From Australia, the Hydralign has the largest range of self-feathering propellers for sailing yachts.

We are pleased to add this excellent line to our selection of quality sailing propellers for their quality workmanship, durability and ease of adjustment.

Kiwi From Auckland, New Zealand, the Kiwi-Feather prop is a simple new solution to the low resistance feathering yacht propeller.

Features include auto blade alignment with water flow, preventing autorotation for best performance, adjustable pitch and no gears!

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